We believe that glasses are an extension of your body.

Lance is an independent eyewear brand committed to creating high quality, handmade eyewear inspired by people and technology. Our passion is to innovate. Since laying the first bricks of Lance Glasses’ foundation, our aim was to combine our love for design and technology to create the best eyewear with smart lenses, at prices affordable to a wider range of people. Here at Lance we design and develop products that simplify people’s lives, transforming a rather bothering accessory into your essential fashion accessory, one you’ll wear with pleasure, day by day.

Our Vision

An inventive approach is essential for the identity of the Lance brand. We always try to search beyond the traditional limits of the eyewear industry, looking for new and relevant technologies in different fields and incorporate them into our system. 
The Lance team is a diverse group of designers, IT engineers, Industrial Engineer and artists. This mix of people with experience in various fields stimulates an interdisciplinary dialogue that helps Lance develop new perspectives on glasses. These new perspectives come as a response to our ever-changing lifestyle generated by the constant evolution of technology.

We enjoy personally supervising each and every step of the production chain, from mood boards until the end product.

All our efforts are channeled into creating luxury glasses that are affordable for everyone, combined with transparency towards clients and openness! In order to do so, we’ve implemented an innovative business model, using top materials, directly from the factory.
By removing the intermediaries, we are able to offer high-end products three times cheaper than the store pricing and suppress all the disproportionate margins that wholesalers and resellers usually take.

The Environmental Impact

Lance is a new age company that aims to do things the right way, creating a business model based on a circular economy, both for our products and for the reusable packaging. At Lance, you buy a personalized product, made specially for you. Therefore, our lenses are produced on request. No dead stocks, no recycled waste from lens cutting.

At the same time, our company works with small batches for frames, buying raw materials such as acetate and metal that will be transformed, upon request, into a finished product. The remaining material is traded to other operators, thus reducing losses. In order to reduce the impact of transport with CO2 emissions, unlike traditional opticians, we centralize and realize everything in our laboratory.

Conscious attitude.
Thinking outside the box.
Ideal glasses.


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