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An innovative collective of like-minded folks making useful and
enduring nice glasses.

Built On Passion And Ingenuity

Our passion is to innovate. With the Lance Glasses team, we combined our love for design and technology to create the best of the eyewear with smart lenses.
In the last year, our team has developed multiple prototypes, perfecting the designs.

Tradition since 1796

But the story of our design begins in Morez (Jura Valley)
considered a Silicon Valley of glasses.

We have succeeded in combining modern Parisian design inspired by current trends, with French culture and tradition. The story begins in 1796 in Les Arcets, and a hamlet in Morez.  It is truly established here, to the extent that Morez (Jura Valley) represents 55% of the French eyewear industry.

The ingenious craftsman who had the idea of ​​stretching and twisting a nail to make spectacles was called Pierre-Hyacinthe Caseaux, a nail smith by trade. Continuing this eyewear tradition in the Jura Mountains is a first-class high, a museum of spectacles with exhibitions and interactive workshops.

We ensure a premium quality

Whenever we sit down to create new frames, we always draw our inspiration from the world around us. We wanted to put French tradition in our product and move it forward by creating a last generation product.

We know that even the most elegant eyewear frames require some top lenses. We know that this plays an important role in how your glasses will look and feel.

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Directly To You

We remove all the intermediaries and offer luxury glasses, three times cheaper than the store pricing. Lance Glasses does everything in-house. From design, to manufacturing, we control the whole process.

You Will Pay The Real Price

Different series vary in complexity and style – we are sure you will easily find your favorite

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